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2905 Warner Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92704

Our Story


About us:

Born in the Pacific Island nation of New Zealand and raised on a farm, far from the city lights, all I really had for fun when I was younger was paper, a pencil, my love of the outdoors and my skateboard.

As I grew up and ventured out into the world of adult-hood I worked several 9 to 5 jobs in the city just to keep the lights on in my tiny apartment.

I felt stifled and frustrated.
Both by the tedious work and by the concrete jungle I was trapped in.

I longed for space and I longed for a creative release.

I caught the bus to and from work on a road called "Quay Street" (Key Street) in Auckland City, NZ.
I'd sketch ideas while I waited and came up with a plan to get myself out of the tedious rut I found myself in.

I started making clothes in 2006 and eventually had enough traction to make it my full time job.

I moved to America to further the mission into the world of street wear in 2008, and after a few years touring around, I found myself in California. Close to my beloved Pacific Ocean and close enough to the mountains for when they beckoned.

Now married and with 2 children of my own, Key Street is as much an extension of me as the hands I use to make everything.
I make clothes that I want to wear and I get to share them, my designs and this adventure I am on, with the world.

Please follow along as we go!

instagram: @jaxinhall + @keystreet
twitter: @jaxinhall + keystreetco
snapchat: keystreetco

Thank you for your support

Jaxin Hall